Frontier stories



Our story is born from simple people and their love for this work. We succeed over time, with a good dose of entrepreneurship and determination, to become an established reality abroad, which is very important for us, as we have seen the potential of crossing territorial boundaries from the very beginning. Let’s start from the beginning: we are Alberto Mentana and Andrea Picone, partners, but first of all friends, linked by a passion for wine.

Brigha has been, and last to be, the chance for us to put in practice culture and passion that has been passed down by our respective families. 

We met back in 2002: both of us have had moved to Milan for work, but due to our shared passion for wine, we frequented best wine shops in the city center. Tasting wines and participating to various events, we strongly bound until one day, while discussing our families, we discovered that both of them owned land in Calabria and Sicily.

After years of friendship, in 2012, we decided to create a new venture, Brigha, where we could bring tradition to life, focusing on the rediscovery of territorial wines, respectively from the Bovesia and Nisseno areas, the vision was being present abroad, starting from a small entity. 

A key moment was the encounter with ICE, Italian Trade Agency, which from the first year allowed us to introduce our products to the American market, eventually being mentioned in a publication by the same agency in the Gazzetta del Sud, where the entrepreneurship of our foreign sales was praised. 

Over the years, we have reached new frontiers, moving beyond the national comfort zone and striving to bring a quality product to a global level. Vienna, Warsaw, Tokyo, Chengdu, New York, Paris, and Moscow are just few cities where we have been tasted our products and it has been a great satisfaction for us to see that they are appreciated abroad.